Happy 450th Birthday, William Shakespeare! (x)

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So i’m sitting in my room as the maintenance person replaces my fan because when they come in it seems very awkward for me. like an “i don’t know what to do with my hands” situation. And i was overhearing/listening to what some of the things they have to fix. 

So heres a list of things you need to know from the maintenance man: 

1. EMPTY YOUR DRYER LINT! that shit catches on fire yo!

2. Make sure everything is clean before you move out. They don’t want to clean up after your fucking mess.

3. Don’t use baby wipes or paper towels or tissues in the toilet. That shit gets backed the fuck up. 

And the last one is from me. 

4. If you have someone working in the hot sun offer them water! 8 times out of ten they will not have any in their truck/golf cart/vehicle. Even if their job is mostly done indoors it’s still a great suggestion.

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Never wanting to get out of bed in the morning 


Hornet’s nest fuses with an abandoned wooden head.


Hornet’s nest fuses with an abandoned wooden head.

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In every incarnation, every timeline, every vision, it is destiny for finn to lose his right arm, i knew it would be connected to the grass sword but i had no idea it would be this soon

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a kingdom of procrastination, and it looks like im the queen

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Rise of the Guardians
Little "damn" details 
Part 1/Part 2

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